Nutrition counseling – learn all that you need to get healthy

I believe that our body is not a mechanism but an intelligent, self-correcting entity and given the right tools it will heal itself. I believe that each of us is unique inside as well as on the outside and, therefore, no one approach will serve everyone. Hence, I do not use any methods routinely, but work with each of my clients as their need requires.

You and I in partnership will use the turbulence training corrective nutrition plan and healing program. The goal of your turbulence training workout is to rebalance your biochemical metabolism which allows healing and regeneration to take place. I help you do this by marrying science with tradition and common sense.

The science I rely on is functional medicine, the newest and most revolutionary scientific trend. It is a client centered approach which puts together the client’s story with his/her genetic inheritance, physiological signs and symptoms, and environment.

Functional medicine is not targeted at diagnosis and treatment of disease, rather, it aims to improve the health of the whole body by adjusting the function of the parts using specific nutrients. In functional medicine solutions are designed with the client’s biochemical individuality in focus.

If you’re one of the growing number of people who are or have cardiovascular . diabetes . sleepless. tired. overweight. depressed. Or whatever else you may be suffering from, you need therapies aimed at restoring healthy function to your body and not merely symptom management.